Godly Play is a method of Christian education and spiritual direction for preschool and Kindergarten-aged children. The goal of Godly Play is to teach children to become more fully aware of the mystery of God's presence in their lives. This Montessori approach to education will help your child learn the building blocks of faith through reenacting Bible stories and other play techniques while being open to others, to new ideas, and to the future in creative ways.



Grade 1 & 2 curriculum focuses on learning to read while exploring Bible stories and verses that children are able to understand and recall. Children learn that God wants our trust and obedience, which leads them to Jesus, their Savior. Gospel Light confidently guides the teaching of the Bible—pure and simple, in contemporary and creative ways that will lay God’s Word as the foundation for your kids’ lives.


GRADES 3, 4, AND 5

Gospel Light’s “Give Me Jesus” for Upper Elementary students continues with the format of the 1st and 2nd grade curriculum. The curriculum is designed to use Bible stories and verses that the children understand and in addition, help them to develop meaningful relationships and an understanding of Jesus as our Savior. Students also discover what the Bible says about popularity, success, failure, friendship, rules and more. Kids develop Bible study skills, grow in Christian maturity and respond by serving Jesus in church and the community.