(Any and all adult learners)


This class is designed for those who are life-long learners in God’s word. Join the Saints group as they begin to tackle “The Family Project: A Divine Reflection” program of study developed by Focus on the Family. The Family Project is designed to help individuals and families understand their personal significance in God’s great plan, equipping them to live with an eternal perspective and model God’s design for family to their peers, their communities, and the world around them.

Sundays at 9:45 am






“Freeway to Fellowship and Grace”


(20 somethings to 40 somethings)


The Seekers began last year and has been successfully self-directed by attendees. It is unique class that helps participants explore and know God’s love and grace. The focus and format of this class is different than any others offered. We plan for a time of fellowship, study lessons based on the “Freeway” curriculum, followed by discussion and future planning of possible fellowship events for this group. Freeway is a way to be free in the love of Jesus Christ. It’s a 6-step guide built upon God’s amazing grace, conversations with friends and a personal exploration of pain, loss, and discovery.


Sundays at 9:45 am